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Start AgainĀ 

You are mistaken love.

It does not kill, as you say.

It appears to steal the colour

And life from the earth.

Yet, it is the respite.

It is the refresh.

It is the purity of white.

And the wind that cuts

Through the past pain.

It is the renew.

So although he died

That Winter’s Day love;

The loss gave me life.

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When I was five

And not a meter high

I used to dream that I could fly.

My greatest wish

For all my life

Was but to bend

And snake

And whip

In the wind.

I dreamt of blue skies

Where I might roam

Where birds are free

And man is caged.

I made paper plane airships

And drove them through the air

Perfecting each one

With precision and care.

I cried the first time

I flew in a plane.

IĀ  knew, I would never be so high again.

But then I discovered the drug at 16,

And I flew higher

And higher

Like the greatest wish

For all my life.



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Please will you unlock the door?
Yes, it’s great to talk
But I don’t want to anymore.

Please will you unlock the door?
Thank you for bringing me home
But I paid you for the ride
And now I want to go inside.

Please will you unlock the door?
I’m smiling and nodding
As you tell me about your life,
‘oh, yes, thats nice’.

Please will you unlock the door?
I’m sure your just friendly
But actually I’m getting scared.
I’m starting to worry if I’ve been ensnared.

Please will you unlock the door?
I’m to scared to get angry
In case you get handsy.

Please will you unlock the door?
I’m trying to text so someone will call.
I know I couldn’t fight my way out
I know that I can’t scream and shout.

Please will you unlock the door?
Maybe you don’t realise that your keeping me here?
Maybe you don’t realise you’re filling me with fear?

Please will you unlock the door?
Thank god that someone gave me a call.
You look upset.
As though you didn’t want that to be all.

Please will you unlock the door?
I don’t want to be here anymore
Please don’t watch as I lock my door.


This poem was based on the experiences of a close friend of mine whom, after a long day, was kept inside a taxi outside her home by a driver for 20 minutes because he ‘liked talking to her’. Whilst she was sure that he didn’t mean to, she started to become quite scared when she realised that he was keeping the door locked.

Poetry isn’t my strongest point but I love repetition and playing with words so it’s nice to dabble. The structure is quite traditional but each stanza changes as her way for processing and thinking what to do adapts whilst she’s in the cab.