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The sound of your breath

Bouncing off the pillow.

The warmth of your body

Wrapped up in the sheets.

The hum of that 

Gentle snore that

Wakes you so surprisedly.

The outstretched hand,

Once the light permeates

Our safe haven,

Searching for your mate

Now that the day has come.

Searching for reassurance 

That I still lay to right.

When you, still eyes shut,

Reach further for my body

And pull it into yours.

My head nestled in that

Warm crook of your shoulder,

And that breath again

Fluttering through my hair.

You sniff as the strands

Tickle and joke through your 

Warm air and reach for your face.

This is my safe haven.

This is where I choose to lie.

My slumbering giant,

My saviour, My light.

I dream of this when I 

Cannot be here in this place.

I close my eyes in times of stress

And listen. Listen for the 

Sound of your breath,

Bouncing off the pillow.



Short stories all written, inspired by what I see and hear and everything in between. All work is written by Cathryn Rose Goddard unless otherwise specified.

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